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Our Sundial Maker of the day is

Merlin Design

Knapp House, Old Lower Blandford Road, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8GA
Tel: +44 1747 590106
Email: keith@merlinsundials.co.uk   Website: www.merlinsundials.co.uk

We produce sundials in both contemporary and traditional styles designed and made to the customer’s requirements.

All our sundials are produced to commission only and they are both accurate and site specific. This means they are made for their exact latitude and longitude so no two sundials are ever the same. You can also include your own motto and dedication at no extra cost, with no fixed limit on the number of words or characters.

Proprietor Keith Bunting designs, calculates and engineers each and every sundial, producing work of the finest quality. These are unique timepieces that will last for centuries.

For further details please contact Keith Bunting at Merlin Design,
or visit our web site at www.merlinsundials.co.uk
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